Photo retouching by Jimmy Dau.

Ever wondered why the images on your camera don’t turn out the way that you may have seen it on location? Or why the images on those travel bucket list articles look amazing? Well I can tell you that they’ve been retouched and post-processed in one way or another using photo editing software. I guarantee you that all of the featured images  that you see on Flickr, 500px and other travel websites have been given the retouching treatment. If you want your images to stand out from the rest, let me add those finishing touches to transform them into something you can hang up on the wall.

All images require that final touch in order to look their best.

Photo retouching is my bread and butter. Some have the opinion that post production or “Photoshopping” is cheating, but in my opinion, it’s the process of correcting the inaccuracies of the camera sensor. The human eye has an incredible dynamic range which cannot be captured by most cameras, so this needs to be corrected in post production. The end goal is to restore an image to a state that was most representative of the scene at the time of shooting.

Once those corrections have been made, it’s up to the individual’s ideas or artistic expression to drive which direction they would like to manipulate the pixels. My philosophy to photo retouching is to push the limits of the digital file that I’ve been given in order to deliver the best image possible, but still remain within the boundary of reality. Take a look at my portfolio if you don’t believe me

What are the range of options?

Ultimately it will come down to what the your needs are. There may be a batch of photos that you may want minor adjustments to and a couple that may be special to you and you would like additional work done such as removing any distractions. For a broad overview, I have broken down the services into three levels that can be used individually or combined depending on what you require.

Tier 1: The WOW factor.

This requires no instructions from you. Just send me the files and I’ll work on the adjustments which include basic white/black point corrections, white balance, sharpening and detail extraction, contrast adjustments, cropping, and straightening crooked horizons. Turnaround time is the least of the three tiers and I can guarantee that the images will look better than before.

before and after photo retouching

Machu PIcchu, Peru. Photo: Jimmy Dau

Tier 2: Get rid of the ex.

This involves detailed reworking and manipulation of images. It may include: the removal of distractions such as background objects, loose hair over eyes or even maybe the ex boyfriend/girlfriend. Usually there would only be one or only a few of images that will require this level of reworking with specific direction from yourself.

photo retouching by jimmy dau

Tier 2 : Client: Outlander Abroad

Tier 3: Getting more creative.

This involves the compositing of images where multiple source images are combined to create a final illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene. You may love being at the Taj Majal but want a new sky to make it more pleasant  to look at and to add more drama to the scene.

This process requires the most amount of client direction and also requires the most amount of time so that the correct images can be sourced, and a lot of photoshop work to layer the new objects in and matching tones and colours.

jimmy dau photo retouching

Humayun’s Tomb in India requiring the ‘bells and whistles’. Includes basic retouching, removal of tourists and sky replacement and colour balanced. Client – Outlander Abroad

“Not only were Jimmy’s retouching results incredible, but I was shocked at how quickly he was able to get them back to me.  I loved seeing his artistic interpretations of the photos – he really succeeded in bringing out the “wow” factor!  Not only did he provide fantastic results, but he detailed the changes he had made, and he even gave me tips for how to correct errors and improve my photography in the future. I would absolutely recommend Jimmy to anyone looking to give their photos the professional touch, while improving their photography knowledge and capabilities in the process.”

– Jennifer from Outlander Abroad

How will it all work?

It’s fairly simple and uncomplicated.

  1. Send me an email through my contact page with the number of images you would like go through the photo retouching process. The assumption is that they will all go through the Tier 1 treatment, but if there are any that require Tier 2 and 3 treatment, let me know. I will also make suggestions to you as well.
  2. I will respond with an initial quote on estimated time and cost and a private link on my site to where the images should be uploaded to. This can be done via desktop and/or mobile.
  3. Once the files are uploaded, I will examine the images and send a final confirmation on timeline and cost. Once this is agreed upon, only then will I commence work on the photo retouching.
  4. Once completed, I will upload the images with watermarks to the site along with a PayPal Invoice. I’ll even include some comments and tips on how you could improve particular shots as well.
  5. One round of feedback and changes are permitted to the images. Once confirmation of payment is recieved, I will release the images without the watermarks.

What’s a good ballpark cost to work off?

Like most manual labour jobs, it’s dependant on the job required. Minimum packages start at $60USD which roughly works out at thirty images for Tier 1. As mentioned, final costs will be provided once I receive the uploaded images to examine.

Get in touch with me.

We take photos not just to be put onto Facebook and then they are left to be forgotten. Their purpose is to preserve the memories and emotions of  special moments in our life, and I see it as an honour to be able to play some part in this. In years to come, you will look back at these photos and they should invoke the same feelings and emotions as though they happened recently.

If you have any questions that haven’t been addressed, or would like to make an enquiry, please fill in the contact form below and I’d be more than happy to assist you.